get to know the difference “Local cats” and “stray cats” in Japan

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get to know the difference “Local cats” and “stray cats” in Japan

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This time we would like to bring up the story of cats. of Japan to leave these cat slaves together again. Friends who have been to Japan would have noticed that The SLOT Japanese are a people who are very fond of cats. Although Japan has a very strict system for managing stray animals. But we still see cats walking around in different public areas, but do you know that friends? The cats we saw walking around the streets of Japan Not all stray cats! we will invite friends Let's get to know the difference between What is the difference between "local cats" and "stray cats" in Japan?

difference between “Local cats” and “stray cats”

First, let's know the difference between "Local cat" and "stray cat" for Japanese people first. As for the stray cats I believe that everyone should understand very well that stray cats are cats that live in people's homes. Live in different areas outside with no one directly raising or owned by anyone. Even though there are cat slaves secretly giving some food to feed But if no one has the right to be a babysitter directly Japanese people will consider these cats as stray cats.

As for "local cat", the definition of a local cat is "local cat". It's a cat that lives outside a person's home. In the local one with the people who live in the locality to provide direct care, sure enough. Simply put, the difference between a stray cat and a local cat is that the cat is a cat that is directly cared for and taken care of. The person who raises and cares for the local cats does not refer to any one person. It is the people in the community where the cats live together to help care, feed and be responsible. A simple symbol that we can use to distinguish between stray and local cats is An incision or cut in your cat's ears. The local cats will be marked with such symbols since they were young cats. Therefore, these local cats are quite docile. And approached more people than stray cats who tend to have a habit of paranoia, sure enough.

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