First time in the world! production and sales “Wood liquor”

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First time in the world! production and sales “Wood liquor”

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Alcohol slotxo lovers prepare to be delighted. Because The Ethical Spirits & Co., a venture company that owns an environmentally friendly distillery. Under the motto of “a distillery platform that makes a circular economy a reality”, Kayama Hiroyasu, owner of Mixology&Elixir Bar Ben Fiddich, has been chosen as the bar that The best 50 in the world Initiated the WoodSpirits project, a production and release support project. “Wood liquor” among private entrepreneurs The wood liqueur was invented by the State Research Center Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.

wood liqueur

The wood liqueur, invented by the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, is a successful use of new technology in its production and is preparing to be marketed in the near future. This technology is the use of a special blender to blend the wood with purified water until it becomes a thick liquid. make yeast work The research is under development for a product safety test in 2022.

The taste will vary depending on the type of wood used. For example, the wood from the cherry tree gives off a fruity aroma. The wood from the Mizunara tree gives off a whiskey-like aroma. The production of wood liqueur is also a major social transformation towards a circular economy. by increasing the demand for discarded wood or leftover wood Promote Japan's agriculture It also helps to create an abundance of ecosystems such as the forests and the Sea of ​​Japan.

Project WoodSpirits

The WoodSpirits project is a sponsored project. The world's first "wood liqueur" that uses new technology to come to the market. In collaboration with The Ethical Spirits & Co. and Kayama Hiroyasu, owner of Mixology&Elixir Bar Ben Fiddich, they are currently preparing to build a wood distillery under this project exclusively in Chiba Prefecture. This new distillation method creates a new relationship between wood and liquor. From the past we used wooden barrels to ferment liquor. We can distill liquor directly from wood. Assuming we use 100-year-old wood to distill, we'll also get the taste and aroma of 100-year-old wood liqueur.

The project can also add value to cheap, limited-edition, discarded or leftover lumber. It is a cost-effective use of the available resources. In the first phase, wood from Tokigawa city will be used. Saitama Prefecture which is famous as "Wood Town" since ancient times and is also the birthplace of Kayama Hiroyasu, a member of the project.

The Ethical Spirits & Co.

This WoodSpirits project is not The Ethical Spirits & Co.'s first eco-friendly project. In 2020, the company initiated the Ethical Jin Project, distilling craft gin from waste. The rest from the distillation of Japanese sake, then use the profits from selling craft gin to buy the rice used to make the liquor and send it back to the factory where the waste was supplied. for the factory to continue to use Japanese liquor It is the world's first circular liquor production system.

The products obtained from this project have received a lot of attention. It also won awards from world-class competitions. It is regarded as the best quality gin that has been recognized in the industry. In addition, in January 2021, the company built the world's first environmentally friendly distillery, Tokyo Riverside, in the Kuramae area. in Tokyo Under the mission "Crafting the New Luxury" to be the world's leading sustainable alcoholic beverage brand

What an eco-friendly project to support, even though the author himself isn't very good at alcohol. But they also support good projects that save the world and add value to the waste wood. It also manages sustainable projects like this WoodSpirits fully.

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