Do not "rub your eyes" may lead to infection to the conjunctiva.

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Do not "rub your eyes" may lead to infection to the conjunctiva.

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If the symptoms of coronavirus infection are severe will find symptoms showing through the eyes, conjunctivitis and covid can still be found in tears can be contagious tear disease Therefore should be careful to touch the eyes, rub the eyes, may lead the infection into the conjunctiva And spread the infection to others, so if you have red eyes. Don't panic that you're infected with coronavirus. Because conjunctivitis from COVID is much less common than conjunctivitis from other causes and often has other physical symptoms. associated with covid infection

Other causes of red eyes
Female Dr. Wathukan Rungpuwapat, an ophthalmologist in cornea and correcting abnormal vision added that from conjunctivitis caused by conjunctivitis There are other reasons Those that can cause red eyes in addition to being infected with COVID include:

ulcerative cornea
cornea infection
acute glaucoma

which requires differential diagnosis and corneal infections from other causes During the epidemic situation of coviral-19, people who wear contact lenses should refrain from using them first because of exposure. There may be a chance of infection. It is recommended to use eyeglasses instead to be safe from the virus. It can also prevent infection.

If you have red eyes or suspected of having conjunctivitis from COVID-19 such as conjunctivitis with respiratory symptoms If you have a fever or may not have a fever, red rash, you are advised to seek treatment for COVID-19 first as eye symptoms are less common than respiratory symptoms. Mild symptoms can go away on their own. If the eyes are properly maintained and clean. If the eye symptoms are urgent But the risk of contracting COVID is very high. Go to the hospital isolation unit according to the treatment system.

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