Heart shawl

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    July 13, 2019

    Tropical Storm Barry is raining on us. 

    Since I’m not exactly sure how to keep track of projects here yet, I figured blog posts would do the trick for now. 

    I had some size 3 crochet thread that didn’t work out for a different project, so I decided to find another use for it. At one time I had found a wonderful cheat sheet for different shawl shapes. I love formulas rather than actual patterns because they can be adapted to whatever you need. Living in south Mississippi, I have no need for bulky things made of wool, but lightweight items from cotton or bamboo are wonderful.

    So here’s the project info:

    Heart shaped shawl from the cheat sheet

    Red Heart fashion crochet thread size 3. (I’m thinking at least 4 or 5 balls: I’ll update when I’m done)

    US 4 circular needles (circulars needed for the length of flat knitting, no knitting in the round here)

    For the first 30 or so rows, I worked in garter stitch. Then I changed to stockinette, but keeping the 4 stitches at the edges in garter. I may try something open and lacy after that. image

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