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    • MistyH

      Shower Gifts

      By MistyH
      The Harris (my husband) is in a band. They meet to practice in a room in the building that houses the local Habitat resale store. At this moment, I’m sitting (very quietly) while they are recording a demo. I had no idea how tedious...
      • MistyH

        Heart shawl

        By MistyH Comments (1)
        July 13, 2019 Tropical Storm Barry is raining on us.  Since I’m not exactly sure how to keep track of projects here yet, I figured blog posts would do the trick for now.  I had some size 3 crochet thread that didn’t...

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        • Unraveled
          Unraveled on Heart shawl (): A projects page is coming soon ☺ That's my next feature to add.